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Installation services
Fees, terms and conditions

Anyone who purchases any handrails that need to be installed on the wall at Poshy Studio can purchase additional installation services. For installation procedures, charges, etc., please refer to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the installation services, please call or WhatsApp 5950 5975 Contact customer service staff
(Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:30-18:30).

1) First 2 bottles: $700
2) Each subsequent one:
$200 (non-slip armrests), $400 (foldable flip-up armrests)

Remote areas (such as Ma Wan and outlying islands, etc.) require separate quotations. For details, please contact customer service staff for more information.

*All installation services must be paid in advance before making an appointment for installation. If the installation fails after the master comes to your door, all installation fees will not be refunded. It is recommended that customers understand in advance whether the wall structure at the installation location is suitable for installation (for example, if the wall has problems such as peeling concrete, loose bricks, leaks, thin brick walls, etc., it is not suitable for installing any handrails, and the wall will not be stressed)

Installation service process:

  • Purchase the required products from the Poshy Studio online store and select the required installation servicesat

  • After completing the payment, customer service will call to confirm the delivery date and installation date.

  • Pay the fee for "Installation Service"

  • The Zhaoshou Studio team will deliver the product to your address first

  • The installation master will go to your address at the appointed time to complete the installation service.

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