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Service introduction

Our services

  1. Customized home safety furniture

  2. Home Security Upgrade Service

  3. Door-to-door consultation service

Service content

1. Customized home safety furniture


Our home security furniture is designed with both functionality and beauty in mind. Not only does it provide additional support, it can also be integrated into your home decoration to make your living environment more comfortable and warm.


2. Home security upgrade service

We will charge a fixed fee based on the usable area of the unit to comprehensively improve home security. Such as: installing handrails, fall detection sensors, anti-slip stickers, etc.


3. Door-to-door consultation service


Our team of professionals will personally come to your home to assess your home security needs. We listen carefully to your needs and provide recommendations tailored to your home environment. Our goal is to ensure your home becomes safer while maintaining the personality and style of your home environment.

4. Complete home makeover

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