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About us


POSHY - represents guarding your home


POSHY stands for Promote & Offer Safety Home for You, promote and provide you with a safe home. At the same time Poshy represents ahead of time with fashion and lifestyle, uniqueness and standing out.


​Poshy Studio is a company dedicated to elderly home safety. We have extensive experience in interior design, furniture manufacturing and home consultation. Our team consists of professional architects, interior designers and home security experts provide a range of beautifully designed, functional products and professional in-person home consultation services. We are wholesheartedly committed to providing you with appropriate support and advice to ensure your home environment is safe and comfortable. 

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Our mission

According to the Census and Statistics Department, the proportion of the elderly population aged 65 and above will gradually increase. Elderly people are prone to injuries at home, especially falls. Elderly people living alone are more likely to have home accidents and need to improve their home environment to prevent accidents.

According to a 2009 survey by the Census and Statistics Department, there were 1,129,900 elderly people (people aged 60 and above) living in domestic households, accounting for 16.2% of the total population in Hong Kong. Among them, 96.4% of the elderly stated that they did not plan to live elderly care homes; 81.4% of them said that if their physical condition worsens in the future, they still hope to stay and age at home, that is, approximately 886,200 elderly people advocate home-based aging.

We believe that home is a welcoming haven and everyone should feel safe and at home, regardless of age. Our mission is to focus on home safety and provide you and your family with high-quality solutions to make your home safer and more suitable for the elderly.

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